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Corneal Transplantation

Society Hill Ophthalmic Associates is proud to offer you a full range of the most advanced and up to date treatments and procedures.

cornea close up

The cornea is the clear dome on the front of the eye which helps focus light rays entering the eye. To see clearly, the cornea must bend the light rays to focus on the retina, where we then transmit the signal to our brain.

When the cornea becomes cloudy or has an irregular shape and the wrong power from injury or chronic disease, we must sometimes replace it to restore good vision.

Corneal transplants are usually performed as an outpatient under local anesthesia so there is little pain. During the procedure, the cornea is replaced with one from a human donor. The new cornea carries a low risk of rejection and can last for many years.

As a fellowship trained cornea specialist, Dr. Fung specializes in cornea transplantation. He performs the traditional full-thickness (penetrating keratoplasty) as well as newer, partial thickness transplants (Descemet’s stripping and endothelial keratoplasty).

If you have questions about corneal surgery, please call us at 215-829-5311

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What Our Patients Say

“Simply amazing people from the desk staff to Dr Fung. I went in with a problem and they were great. Carefully explaining everything to me in a way I could understand.”

-John D.

“Dr. Goldman is an affable and capable doctor. He gave me a thorough eye exam and explained everything clearly and simply.”

-Katie R.

“Dr. Fung is my Philly go-to. He takes the time to explain things and is down to earth and approachable.”

-Anita S.

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